Jhason Smith

Jhason's first experience with music came when he was given a drum set at the age of 9. He quickly lost interest in the instrument and gave the set to his younger brother (you're welcome, Jude).  Jhason was then given a bass guitar from a family friend and immediately signed himself up for his church's Kids ministry worship team at age 11, not knowing a thing about how to play the bass! Ever since then worship music has been a constant in his life. In 2009 Jhason began desiring to write music but found it hard to do so from the bass. He then started to learn the guitar after a need arose for someone to lead worship for Eastgate's youth ministry. Jhason filled in the gap and began writing music shortly thereafter. Today, you can find Jhason leading worship alongside his wife - Brittany - at one of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship's services. When things aren't too busy, Jhason enjoys playing ultimate frisbee or working on his 92 Honda Civic (still running strong, baby!)